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The Ace Has No Face
Note: This is fanfiction for the game "999"
It must be stated that I have not finished the game yet. I have only gotten the "Coffin" and "Submarine" endings, so for the love of all good video games, NO SPOILERS! XD That also tells you that this whole story is basically pure conjecture on my part. I noticed an interesting detail and pondered it, and it ended up turning into this. I could be right, I'm most likely wrong. I haven't uncovered enough of the plot to really know.
Anyway, this contains some spoilers, and as this game's greatness is heavily dependent on its story, I'd advise not reading if you don't like spoilers! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy! For more information on what this story's all about, see the description.
"Elegant clothing, red tie... paler skin...
Silver hair... very teenage clothing...
The smallest one... bright pink hair...
Checkered shirt, sleeves rolled...
Purple dress... timid stature...
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 20 28
Ignitus 01: Laughter
Ignitus 01: Laughter
The Temple's balcony had always been the perfect spot from which to watch sunrises and sunsets, or any wonder of the sky, in fact. Its view of the horizon was wide and unobstructed; the platform was built high enough to ascertain that the landscape would only add to the natural portrait.
Resultingly, one might have thought Ignitus was standing on the balcony for the purpose of watching the day's end displaying itself in the sky. The mixture of shades of red, orange, and pink the setting sun was producing seemed particularly eye-catching that time, so the assumption was certainly a logical one. And yet, all the same, it was an incorrect one.
Although the Fire Guardian did, indeed, have his gaze fixated upon the horizon, he was giving no attention to the scene before him, nor his surroundings, for that matter. His mind was too preoccupied with thinking of the situation that all the residents of the temple, himself included, were in. The orange eyes were simply starin
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 23 41
Mature content
Heaven or Hell? :iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 10 101
One and the Same
"What are all these mushrooms for?" Cynder curiously asked the earth dragon, pointing at the small fungi. "They're... everywhere."
"Nothing, as far as I know. They've always grown around here." Terrador replied. "But whatever you do, don't hit them, unless you want to deal with something sticky."
"You don't seem to like them."
"I don't, frankly." he replied, half amused by the subject. He couldn't help but wonder where such an odd question suddenly came from.
What made him wonder more as of late, however, was Cynder herself.
Once upon a time she had been an all-powerful monster, laying siege wherever she pleased, ruling over everything. She'd even defeated them all in battle and captured them, then drained them of their powers, all to free her "master", the one who'd corrupted her. All feared her, and her terrifying power.
And now? Now she was a little dragoness. She had only little of her former strength, no longer seemed to have any intention of capturing or killing anyone. But she w
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 43 89
Ignitus 17: Habits _old_
Ignitus and Spyro went back into the temple, and stopped at the door separating the training room from the room with the Pool of Visions.
"Think they're still asleep?" Spyro inquired.
Ignitus stood right next to the door and moved his wing to the side of his head, trying to hear if there was something going on inside the room.
"Yes. I can hear Sparx snoring, and Volteer is probably still asleep as well." Ignitus stated, his wing still next to his head, the tip almost touching his right horn.
"Hey, that's..."
"What is it?"
"I do that. With my wing, I mean. I use it so I can listen more carefully, the way you're doing it now."
"Oh, this?" Ignitus said, looking towards his wing.  "It is an old habit of mine."
"Same for me! Weird, huh?"
"Most likely coincidence."
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 23 43
Ignitus 16: Morning _old_
The sun had only just risen when Ignitus woke up. He stretched as he got up, his back making a cracking noise as he let out a big yawn. Volteer was at the other side of the room, still asleep, babbling undecipherable gibberish at random intervals. He chuckled. His attention soon shifted to his right when he heard a loud snore - it was Sparx. He was quick to notice that Spyro was gone. This didn't surprise him too much, as Spyro was an early riser, but he wondered where he had run off to, since he would usually stay there until Sparx woke up as well. He made his way out of the room as silently as he could, so as to not disturb Volteer and Sparx, and began to search. Spyro was not to be found in the training room. He realized as he looked that the sun had hardly just risen - Spyro had never woken up quite that early. He decided to look outside on the balcony next; here, he found Spyro sitting down, looking onto the horizon.
"Up so early, young dragon?" Ignitus asked.
"Huh? Oh, I h
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 20 10
Ignitus 15: Debates _old_
It was close to sunset as they all sat around the Pool of Visions, chatting about various things. Despite his weariness, Volteer was still the one who talked the most; it appeared that his mouth was in no need of rest, to Ignitus and Spyro’s amusement and Sparx’s utter despair. Sparx wanted more than anything for Volteer to stop talking, and he soon got his wish - the conversation paused for a moment, and he seized this opportunity, butting in with his own topic.
“Hey, Spyro! I got some questions for ya!” he buzzed, grinning - Spyro could tell he was up to something.
“What is it?” Spyro replied.
“Okay, so you’re a dragon, right?”
“And you’re purple, right?”
“And the electrified dictionary is yellow, right?”
“His name is Volteer. And yes.”
“And the old man’s orange, right?”
“Nice try. He’s red.” Spyro said, amused. He never expected Sparx woul
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 15 33
Ignitus 14: Typical _old_
"Done already?" Ignitus asked as Spyro and Volteer returned from the training room.
"Oh, of course not, Ignitus! Spyro still has much to learn about his electricity breath, so we are far from done! However, I deemed it best to adjourn for the day, as Spyro had grown noticeably weary." Volteer stated in his usual cheerful but swift manner.
"I don't think I'm the only one who's tired." Spyro said, chuckling.
Ignitus smiled at Spyro's awareness. "You're right, young dragon. I'm sure Volteer is as well."
Volteer's weariness had been apparent to Ignitus from the moment he had arrived at the temple with Spyro, and he didn't find it surprising; after all, Volteer had been in captivity for so long, then had flown all the way back to the temple right after being rescued, and to top it all off, he almost immediately began to train Spyro upon returning to the temple. Who wouldn't be tired after all that?
Ignitus would have tried to convince Volteer to rest first before training, but he decided no
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 14 21
Get Well Soon
"There you are! So this is where you've been all day!" Fasuhn said upon finding Thorn.
"Hi..." said Thorn, lacking his usual cheerfulness. Fasuhn noticed this.
"Okay, spill, what's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong. Why do you think that? Look, an owl behind you!" Thorn replied, trying to avoid the subject.
"Well, you're trying to change the topic, so that's certainly a sign. Plus it's pretty obvious that something's wrong. Aside from your usual colorblindness, of course."
"Why you wee cheeky bottom burp! My eyes are perfect! I'd teach you a lesson right now if I wasn't ill..."
"Aha! So there is something wrong!"
"Yes, there is. Now get out of here before you catch it, too."
"Is that why you stayed here all alone all day?"
"That's silly. You're not going to get better if you stay all by yourself, especially if you stay out here in the cold." Fasuhn lectured.
"Oh, be quiet! Go before I start throwing mushrooms at you!" Thorn snapped back, annoyed.
"But you're really only mak
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 5 17
Ignitus 13: Cheerful _old_
"Ignitus, what a pleasure it is to see you again, my friend! I never dreamed I would be freed from captivity in that frigid cave and then return to my domicile, and yet here I am! This is all so wonderful, fantastic, stupendous, uh..."
"Yes, yes, Volteer, it's good to see you as well, but we have no time to waste on sentiment."
Despite the fact that he did not quite show it, he meant what he said; he was glad to see Volteer again. It was only natural to be happy about seeing a friend again after so long. However, as he said, they had many important things to discuss; celebrating the reunion could wait a bit longer. Volteer understood this completely.
As they discussed what Cynder could be plotting, it became evident to Ignitus that Volteer was exactly the same as when he last saw him - he was still as cheerful and chatty as ever. Volteer's cheerfulness was almost contagious - one couldn't help but feel happier as well when he was around. His speedy mouth and broad vocabulary amused Ign
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 18 16
Ignitus 12: Waiting _old_
He thought he heard something outside; he went to the balcony, to see what it was. He was hoping that Spyro had returned from Dante's Freezer... but he found nothing, to his disappointment. He lay down, deciding to wait there a while.
Spyro had not been gone all that long, but to Ignitus, it felt like an eternity. The thought that something bad might have happened to Spyro lurked into his mind, but he immediately struck it down; he knew that he shouldn't doubt Spyro's abilities, nor did he wish to. His faith in Spyro was unquestionable.
But still, waiting there, doing nothing, while Spyro was off fighting enemies and charging into danger... he couldn't help but feel uneasy, and worried. Yes, there was no other choice, but... it just didn't feel right for it to be that way. But it couldn't be helped. For now, all he could do was wait, and hope for the best.
His patience was soon rewarded; in the distance, he could see two dragons, one big and one small, flying towards him. It was them,
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 14 30
Ignitus 11: Strength _old_
Ignitus was still waiting for Spyro to come back from Dante's Freezer. He was walking around the temple, to make sure that there were no intruders; if there were, he'd have to get rid of them.
Suddenly, he heard rustling, and footsteps; he looked about carefully.
Just as he expected; they were already trying to take back the temple. Something seemed odd to him, though; it was only three of them, and they were small. They must have come only to look. However, one of them tried to attack, recklessly charging straight at him.
He waited until it got very close to him; once it did, one swift strike from his foreleg was all it took to knock the baboon back quite a ways. It got back up, and tried to charge him again; this time, he struck with his tail, sending the baboon flying back again, only this time it had been knocked out cold. He glared at the other two; frightened, they took their reckless, unconscious comrade, and ran away.
He gave a small grin; it was one of both victory and relief.
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 12 18
Ignitus 10: Will _old_
"I-I'm flying! No way!" Spyro exclaimed.
"See? I told you." said Ignitus.
"I still don"t get it. This totally defies the laws of physics." Sparx said.
"Very funny, Sparx..." said Spyro. "So what's this place called again, Ignitus? Dante's Freezer?"
"Yes. Dante's Freezer is a desolate arctic expanse that's littered with the machinery of war... Soldiers, frozen forever in the posture of destruction. You must find Volteer, before he's lost forever."
"Okay, I will!"
"But how come you won't come with us, old man?" said Sparx, trying to delay the trip.
"I wish I could... but alas, I must stay and guard the temple. We wouldn't want Cynder's forces moving in again."
"Oh... I didn't think of that..." said Sparx.
"Spyro... do not forget... if you encounter Cynder..."
"Run, don't fight, I got it. You've already told me that, Ignitus. Don't worry so much, I'll be fine."
"Alright, young dragon... but still, be careful."
"I will."
Spyro and Sparx then flew off. Even after they were out of sight, Ign
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 18 37
Ignitus 09: Colors _old_
Ignitus was once again standing in front of the Pool of Visions, trying to find out the whereabouts of the other guardians. He had found out where Volteer was being held; he would have to send Spyro to investigate. Ignitus's thoughts lingered; he did not wish to send Spyro off to face enemies so soon, especially when Spyro wasn't even nearly ready to face Cynder, but he had no choice. They had to rescue Volteer as soon as possible.
He was torn. He kept reminding himself that it had to be done, and yet... he still didn't want to have Spyro run off straight into danger. He had even thought of going with Spyro, but he knew fully well that that was not a good idea. So Spyro would still have to go and fight by himself. He decided that it couldn't be helped, as much as he hated to admit it.
"I suppose I should tell them..." he thought to himself.
He went into the training room, where he could hear Spyro and Sparx talking.
"Dude, he is so orange!" Sparx said.
"I think he's red." replie
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 15 60
Fire Guardian Wave XD by Ignitus1992 Fire Guardian Wave XD :iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 2 48 Me again XD by Ignitus1992 Me again XD :iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 2 51
...most of my current gallery is my early writings, so mostly suckiness ^^; Iiii can do much better now. If only I had more time to write and uploaded more often...

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Merry (late) Christmas! + Misc. Updates

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 28, 2010, 10:52 AM

I'll put plugs up here from here on out. :)

My great buddy Dairuga is taking commissions!!! About time, I say :D Here's where you can find out all about his offers:… Please check out his deals ^^

Like myself, Rurikredwolf is a growing writer, and he could use more feedback. You know what to do! Please do check out his gallery. ;D

SilverSugar is taking commissions! You know what that means - go take a look. :)

Malefic-Malafor has a cool Balto fanfic going, but he doesn't have many readers - this will not do!! So go take a look, I say. :P

Requested plugs:

BulletFodder80 is friendly, skilled in the ways of randomness, and is also a writer - and he'd like to get to know more people. So you know what to do! Go talk to him. :)

Nalothisal would like to have more attention for his gallery; I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but you know what to do. :P

Sesshywolf wants more readers; you know what to- ok, do I even need to say it anymore? XD

If I've forgotten anyone, please don't hesitate to remind me - or if you want a plug, just ask, I won't mind. :)



Um. Er. Gee. I haven't shown any signs of life since October. I keep getting worse with these things. XD

Well, first and most importantly, Merry belated Christmas to everyone! :) I wish I could have posted this on time, but it wasn't to be. I am currently at my sister's house for the holidays, so I'm lucky to have the computer to myself long enough to post this. XP But either way, happy holidays to all you guys, and I hope you're all having a great time :)

In other notable news, my 18th birthday sped by in November, so now I'm legally an adult (odd, I feel no more mature than I was before :P). Thanks again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and all the gifts I received :)

As for college, well, I'm currently in winter break, so obviously I survived my first semester somehow :D I managed a straight-A record for the semester, so I'm quite happy with my performance. College is still the most difficult thing I've ever had to put up with, but it is gradually getting more and more easy to deal with, and I've been making friends there in the process, so despite the fact that life is very hectic, I'm generally happy :)

I've also been playing quite a few video games recently, both on emulator and mah new... WII! :D Which my sister got me for my birthday, mwahahaha :heart: Therefore I am finally able to play TEN and DotD! In fact, I've bought them. :D I haven't had time to finish them, however, so I'm still on TEN so far. I've also played and am currently playing through a great deal of other games, but for the moment I'll save the list for next time; because there really are many to comment on. :D Many kudos to Dairuga for passing so many brilliant games my way and introducing me to the lovely world of emulators :)

Anyway, I'll cut this short for now--just wanted to let everyone know I'm stil alive. :D I promise I'll update when I get back home from my sister's, which should be in about a week. Till then, happiest holidays, and take care, guys! :)


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I'll complete the list later - I have lots of friends. But these are my closest friends and the ones I talk to the most :)



Write all the stuff you owe that you've been putting off for centuries. ._. shame on you, Chris

(I'm talking to myself, how nice)


Drawn and colored by by :iconrazzek: Fasuhn design is copyright to her(character is mine)
Credit for the pic goes to her.

:star: CREDIT FOR AVATAR :star:
Fasuhn-loon avatar made by :iconcrystaljoy-creations: Credit for it goes to her.

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